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FAQ: Do you provide workouts/meal plans?

  • December 31, 2020 12:39 AM
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    Rajdulari Landell (Administrator)

    First things first, this is not a traditional workout club..it's a self-care revolution.

    Each of our members are different women with different life experiences and body compositions. For that reason, we don't give you specific exercise plans, and we don’t tell you what to eat… Instead, our forum is a year-long holistic approach to helping you to develop your own personal self-care, fitness, and wellness program overall...

    Our sisterhood began in late 2015. And over the years, we’ve realized that ‘getting healthy’ for us Black women wasn’t just about exercise or a supplement. It wasn’t just about nutrition. It was about the self as a whole. 

    In our program, we encourage you to ask yourself deep internal questions. We ask you to analyze where you feel out of alignment: is it in your schedule, in your physical space, and in your mental wellness? Do you even know what you want, or what you need?

    Ultimately, it is about making ourselves a priority and healing ourselves from within, so that we can create a better live/work/life balance overall……

    If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click on the link to apply.

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'Treat your body like she’s your best girlfriend...make her a priority'….

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