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Coach Rajdulari was born in Baltimore, raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan and now resides in Denver, Colorado…She is a Jazz/Soul Vocalist, Actress, ‘CurvyGirl Motivator’ and a certified Zumba Instructor……

After having success as a Jazz Musician, Rajdulari suffered complications from a failed lap band surgery, and took a personal health break from performing in 2015. During the break, she focused on improving her health through Pilates, Yoga, and transitioning into a plant-based diet.

In 2016, energized by her renewed health and driven to help other Black women like herself, Rajdulari founded a small pilot online accountability group with the help of 3 other health & wellness coaches. The group met off and on for 30-day challenges quarterly, and the structure of the program grew along with the membership. Four years later, the program is still running strong, and has now become “BlackGirlFitClub”.

Coach Rajdulari believes that, inside every Black woman is the power to heal her own body, mind and spirit... During her time as leader of this group, she has come to understand that TRUE inner health & wellness has less to do with the number on the scale, and more to do with how whole you feel as a Black woman, inside and out…

BGFC hosts its annual self-care program, live wellness podcast chats, fitness classes, and public workshops at various events throughout the year. Coach Rajdulari is honored to be a part of such a phenomenal group of women who are changing lives and rewriting the health narrative for Black women, one workout, one meal, one meditation at a time…


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Coach Monique Brooks-Roberts is a violinist, composer, wife, mama to two beautiful babies, fitness enthusiast and more who hails from Louisville, KY.

She recently relocated to Denver from the Philadelphia/ New Jersey area. 

Once an avid gym goer, Monique became pregnant in 2007 with her daughter Lyla and was diagnosed with a rare condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: condition that is triggered by the over-production of the pregnancy hormone Relaxin, causing  debilitating pain and instability in the pelvic floor.

Coach Monique had to overcome SPD in two pregnancies and it left her body forever changed and in chronic pain.

However, with consistent exercise, diet change, stretching, body work, and frequent chiropractic visits, Monique is back to doing the workouts she once enjoyed before she became pregnant.

Coach Monique is an advocate for pelvic floor health in pregnancy and beyond.  She believes with the right tools and knowledge, women can take over their health and improve their lives with simple changes! 

    Coach Monique enjoys beast mode workouts such as HIIT training and weight lifting. She also loves Zumba and Kukuwa dance fitness workouts. In the future, she hopes to compete in a fitness competition.

    'Treat your body like she’s your best girlfriend...make her a priority'….

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